Memory Keeper

Posted: February 24, 2013 by Mo Crow in magic
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Memory-Keeper-Mo-Orkiszewski-2013The Memory Keeper is finished
Memory-Keeper-back-Mo Orkiszewski-2013back  & inside
memory-keeper-insidedetail of fringe
memory-keeper-detailI will give it to Maggie tomorrow at Lindsay’s funeral, he was a hero with the driest sense of humour, a wicked wit & such a generous host, he always kept the glass full. We have had a lot of great times with Lindsay and Maggie since we became friends when we started doing Maggie’s magical garden back in 2006
Maggie's magic gardenThe first bandaged heart for the Stole of Bandaged Hearts was made for Maggie & the last bandaged heart was for Lindsay for his birthday in early January 2012 .
The Hope Card was made for him in June when he went into hospital for complications after heart surgery & The Hope Hankie was made for their wedding in October. The last time we visited them Maggie was knitting a blanket for Lindsay in the same colours as the Memory Keeper & that’s when I knew it was for her…

  1. margaret johnson says:

    Exquisite. ox

  2. Valerianna says:

    Oh, its so beautiful – it always has been – its so nice to see it finished. And, so wonderful that you are passing it on. I konw there is healing in beauty. Take care 🙂

  3. julie says:

    what a beautiful cloth…and I followed the threads to all the different cloths you mentioned. You are so inspired….and inspiring.

  4. so grounded yet so other-worldly. and so utterly fine.

  5. grace Forrest~Maestas says:

    all of it is just such Beauty and all of it will fit within this bag you knew to create.
    i love this, Mo…so much. and sail away, dear friend of yours…a good life lived
    fully. none of us can ask for more.

  6. Helen Lee says:

    So beautiful Mo….a memory keeper to treasure.

  7. Carol says:

    Truly beautiful, Mo, and will be a treasured gift for Maggie at this sad time. What a wonderful friend you are.

  8. Mimmin Dove says:

    Such a special gift Mo, all your friends are blessed to have you as a friend. I could look at that fringe for hours. It’s contents are like well chosen, earthly flotsam, just beautiful.

    • Nancy says:

      A memory keeper indeed…of the finest kind. A friendship holder. Such a stunning treasure you’ve made here.
      Blessings to you and your special friends.

  9. roz says:

    Mo , this is so beautiful and so delicate, the tree of course is completely gorgeous and with the addition of the fine fringe full of tiny gifts .. eucalupt flower ends? and tiny acacia seed cones? , tiny beads and knots.. the attention to the finest detail is so lovely ! and then the dyed back ….
    and to find the bandaged hearts, i love these too. it is the lightness , the barely thereness , …….gosh. the same finely tuned eye of the drawing room works it’s magic in cloth and thread and tiny precious bits.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for the encouraging words for the stitching Roz, your finely stitched work & the way you adapt your lines into silver is such an inspiration! that rust dyed hankie is from Elizabeth Bunsen it wrapped her Once in a Blue Moon & was a bit too orange so I gave it a dunk in some coffee & all the things in the fringe are flower receptacles from those large flowering hybrid Eucalypts “Summer Red” & “Summer Beauty”, a tiny sheoak pod, some small white shells that were amazingly hard & tricky to drill without cracking, grape and passionfruit vine tendrils, white glass seed beads, red silk thread from some prayer bundles I made back in 2004 & one flying fox claw

  10. Mo – I am humbled by such loveliness – and the poetry of the ingredients has me swooning – thank you ever so much for including me in you special magic… xox

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