circling the Memory Keeper

Posted: February 11, 2013 by Mo Crow in magic
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Memory-Keeper-detail Memory-KeeperThe Memory Keeper aka the Solstice/ Flame Tree scarf is becoming a bag to hold special memories
Memory-Keeper-in-process The rusted handkerchief for the back of the bag was the wrapping for Once in a Blue Moon by Elizabeth Bunsen.
Grids and abstract forms are not something I am usually intrigued by  but Jude Hill’s philosophy of  “just going” with the cloth and seeing where it takes me is what’s happening as well as the strong red thread that’s moving though the circle of cloth conjurors that Jude has gathered ’round her. Over the last few days whilst I’ve been stitching away on this there’s been quite a bit of magical synchronicity happening with Cindy of Handstories stitching her fierce red Mama & mentioning that Jackie of Art 4 Moi was stitching with red for protection & that Judy Martin had made this wonderful quilt for protection & then, just now I was visiting Patricia over at Flowing Thread & there’s a wonderful red sun and hills stitched into her cloth! I feel like there is this huge circle of love and protection being stitched together  from all our different corners of the world as Grace of Windthread said-
“the circle is Strong. we see with our Hearts.”

  1. This is so evocative and interesting. The colours, shapes and tree demand a response. I love seeing how you bring these elements together.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    I really love it Mo.

    • Mo Crow says:

      so do I and especially since this morning when I could get some drawing done as well, your good words, “… From the book I just finished (Buddha standard time) When asked to define Buddhism in two words, a great and venerable Monk replied “everything changes” I like that, it’s my mantra for today.” really helped me settle into it yesterday.

  3. margaret johnson says:

    Oh Mo, just LOVE what you you are doing with the reverse side of the now, bag. You are just jumping ahead in leaps and bounds!! I was stitching my second prayer flag yesterday, and although it is a challenge, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of PROTECTION and comfort. Sewing has always felt that way to me, but yesterday I was quite struck by it. I really feel that the process of stitching is definitely my BEST FRIEND. Always there for me when I’m able. Always forgiving, always understanding of my shortcomings. Always comforting. Being part of (albeit a small part) Jude’s circle is very important to me. Your stitching is beautiful. Marg, ox

  4. ruthkeys says:

    What a worthwhile project. Memories being relived as you stitch, wonderful.

  5. Valerianna says:

    Beautiful post, and AMAZING cloth.. I continue to marvel at its delicacy and sensuality of materials. Strangely, I read – over the last twenty years (what? why?) whilst I’ve been stitching away….
    that was a very odd misreading on my part!

    I love the strength of the circle. and what Grace said, brought me to my heart this morning, and to a place of gratitude for the world-wide circle of inspiration, generosity and keeping going!

  6. handstories says:

    beautiful cloth and post. I’m so grateful to be a part of this circle. love that first photo, of the red stitching protecting that fragile circle.

    • Mo Crow says:

      it was your post Cindy with that fierce red stitching of the word Mama that brought me to attention! I was quite lost for a few days wondering what the heck I was doing & where it was going!

  7. arlee says:

    exqusite/exqusute/exquisite 🙂 love the earthiness and power in this

  8. Carol says:

    I’m not a stitcher or weaver, Mo, but I am very moved as you progress with this beautiful work. Lovely to read the words of others in your circle.

    • Mo Crow says:

      I’m loving the way the stitching has taken on a life of it’s own Carol but had to give myself a good talking to over the last few days to remember that it’s OK to share the focus for the next few years whilst getting The illustrated Lyrics of Old Man Crow finished, am nearly at the halfway mark with the crow drawings! Thanks as always for the good encouraging words!

  9. nadia says:

    luv, luv, LUV…..ok it’s cliché for something very un-cliché. drop-dead gorgeous. I’m hard put to find enough adequate superlatives here! Check Diaries Forum today and multicoloredsnippets tomorrow. You didn’t need to persuade me much.
    best, nadia

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Nadia, talking of clichés this whole piece has been looking at ideas of nostalgia mixed with lace and memory so there is clichés woven into the foundation… feeling that the rusted circles with the red & white thread has been said before & many times… just can’t place my finger on the exact artists that this is being derivative from… if I googled rust and red thread… I am sure it would come up with lots of fabulous images from ’round the world but for now it’s what the cloth is asking and it’s where the thread is going so I will just keep seeing where it takes me… you know that journeying well with your needle turning!

  10. saskia says:

    amazing post and cloth story, beautiful and many-layered; oh, yes to be part of this circle….it is wonderful and comforting

  11. deedeemallon says:

    Mo! This is so impressive… the close up shots really make me swoon. The synchronicity of the red-spell does lend a certain magic, too.

  12. Such a circle is a true blessing, and the work is so lovely and inspiring. Red has a certain power and magic, like no other color. I think stitching, too has power; I’ve been doing more and more of it lately.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thank you for the good words Sharmon, this piece is now the Memory Keeper for Maggie to honor Lindsay’s passing, I will keep stitching it together for the next few days until the funeral on Monday.

  13. Mo – this is so magical – I am thrilled to be a part of the circle…


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