The New String Garden and a Large Raven

Posted: February 3, 2013 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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string-gardenHere’s the start of  the Japanese String Garden in the studio window!
I rummaged ’round the garden today and found a half bag of Bonsai Mix, a bit of Peat Moss and have put together  a few with Chain of Hearts,  Nodding Violets,  Pteris Fern, Brassia verucosa & a Pepper Vine that Diane Pattmore sent down  from Mackay. They are all wrapped in Baby’s Tears (rather than moss because I have lots in the garden) and tied up with string, will get a few more little plants out at the wholesale plant nurseries on Tuesday (one of the perquisites of being a gardener)  I love the new look and feel & as the window faces Northeast everything should grow really well! That’s one way to take advantage of a wet wall!
hope-curtainHere’s where I moved the Hopeful Curtain with all the feathers, it’s now doing a good job of concealing the stack of black indoor plant hire pots. The old type tray is waiting to be turned into a display case for small treasures like wishbones, feathers, bones, shells and stones but I have to clean it up first and those big embroidery hoops are waiting to become something as well… just not sure what, the besom is for clearing the energy every New Year’s Eve as well as being a good cobwebber.
flame-treeFinished the fringe on  the Summer Solstice end of the next scarf which may be about the Circle of the Seasons but I’m not sure now as it has it’s own mind about where it wants to go next, am halfway along with inserting little circles of lace trim into the scrim along the top edge…
lace-detailthe sketches for the next crow drawing are well under way & will get started on the main drawing when the model arrives in the mail very soon!
Mullanium Large RavenThis Large Raven is the spoiling for Old Man Crow this year and just arrived in Oz last week!
I wasn’t happy with Mullanium’s choice of key but Reliquaire the wonderful shop in Tasmania who is their retailer here in Oz also sells brass keys and found this one, a perfect match!
The next song is an old love song from 1973 that Old Man Crow has just brought back out & into the 21stC, he can’t remember the name yet…I call it the Candlelight Song
brass key

  1. dinahmow says:

    Blimey! You move fast! I can count 8 string things already! Including a pepper vine 😉
    And I love that raven.Looks like carved wood, yes?
    I don’t know how much room you have to “play” with hoops, but I’ve seen them used as light fittings;also as supports for small potted plants.Tiny dendrobium, Spanish Moss, that sort of thing.

    • Mo Crow says:

      I had to get started it was looking so bare and strange, and what a good idea using one of those hoop as a planter!!! It will look very good in the window too, I was thinking of getting some tiny dendrobiums & tillandsias for the string things but they will like the hoop with some twined spanish moss and muehlenbeckia prunings from one of our jobs tomorrow plaited in even better!
      Oh I think the raven is made from an old bird decoy whatever they are made from? will find out soon very exciting!

  2. margaret johnson says:

    Love your window garden Mo, what a great idea. Also love the fringe you have made on your scarf. All those knots really give the tassels substance don’t they. And your new crow is a cool dude! Marg

  3. I love the window. Please update us on how the gardening goes. I also see what you mean about the key, brass works better. He is a real steampunk boy.

    • Mo Crow says:

      x fingers it will all grow really well, am very happy getting the studio sorted & looking forward to drawing that big raven it will be the first still life I’ve drawn in ages!

  4. margaret johnson says:

    Hey Mo, yes I did notice the pieces at top edge. Really great seeing how you are using the bits and pieces. My prayer flag number 2, is well on its way, but we have been pruning apple trees this week, still have a few to go. They got too big to net this year (thru lack of pruning, last year). and all the apples were eaten by the Cockies and Rosella’s. Do have one fab crabtree apple though, that the birds don’t touch. A ballerina with beautiful large purple apples with pink and white flesh They are deeelicious. We have also been putting in extra beds for vegies. So inside stuff has been put on hold. But I don’t mind, cos I’m happy to be productve in any way shape or form! Our Quince tree is loaded with fruit, so I am going to be busy preserving etc. Seeya, Marg
    P.S. my Indigo plants got burnt to a frazzle, so maybe better luck next year. How are your plants holding up?

    • Mo Crow says:

      Oh the indigo really hasn’t been a success here either, only 2 tiny plants have survived & they are not looking very happy at 5cms H with only three spindly leaves each! All of the seeds germinated but most of them damped off with the cold wet spring, they loved the 42 degree day a month ago but the 46 degree day fried them! The good news is the Indigofera australis cuttings which I took back in spring & grows like a weed here in Sydney are doing fine, it will take another year or two before there is enough leaves to do anything with them but I love them as a plant!
      Your ballerina apple sounds like a beauty, have you had these good rains too? & lookinf froward to seeing your next prayer flag! BTW those little no 7 egg eyed betweens are brilliant, I have never used a needle that small but it’s perfect for the lace inserts!

  5. deanna7trees says:

    the window looks so lovely. nice how a problem can result in such a wonderful transformation. beautiful work on ‘summer solstice’.

  6. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Mo, the new corner decoration looks great, but where are you drawing now?

    • Mo Crow says:

      just moved the drawing table back 1 metre, the hawk feather in that green bottle you can see in the pic is sitting on the RH side back corner. The splash from the rain was coming across about a half metre so the paper should be safe now… I may screw that printers type tray to the back of the desk as well just for more protection… and I just put salt in that wet corner for good feng shui and as a friend said on her blog, Gandhi changed the world with the salt revolution!
      How was the opening at Roslyn Oxley?

  7. deedeemallon says:

    what a great idea that garden is! I love the feather-filled shawl draped on the barrels, too, as well as the summer shawl. wow.

  8. Carol says:

    All looking beautiful, Mo, the string garden is just right there. I like Di’s idea for a hoop or two. That could be very pretty.

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