The Essential Michael Leunig

Posted: November 27, 2012 by Mo Crow in good books
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Old Man Crow and I went along to Gleebooks last night to listen to Michael Leunig talk about his new book
 The Essential Michel Leuning: Cartoons From A Winding Path
It’s a treasure of his gentle wonderment in our mad world going back 5 decades. Michael charmed the audience with his quiet voice speaking about the nature of creativity, the importance of ducks and the need to get lost with each cartoon…  here’s a few scribbled notes from the talk-
to lose it and get all moody and infantile and deep down lost… the cartoon comes out of the lostness when a strange thing happens & it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s gone so very wrong and awry that he might as well enjoy himself as the ship goes down… that’s when he starts playing recklessly making those unexpected connections that keep his work so real and true and straight from the heart!
Here’s a quote from the forward in the book-
“What matters to me is that I find an unexpected sparkle in the inky muddle and mess of an emerging cartoon, some thing I have never previously seen or thought or felt, some quality that all of a sudden becomes present and is beautifully enchanting, whether in a big way or in a tiny way, in a dark and dire sense or in a joyous or frivolous one. An image needs the presence of  a curious atmosphere, a primal innocent resonance or  delightful absurdity that somehow beckons my affection. It is more important to love an image than to understand it”
“I am fond of the idea that the work of the artist is to express what is repressed, and I wonder if the joy I have taken in the discovery of the emerging poetic tone in my work is in fact relief that some small, profoundly soulful thing has been liberated.”
You can listen to Michael  in an interview on the  radio with James Valentine yesterday afternoon here
and with Margaret Throsby back in 2007 here
& here’s an old favourite of Leunig’s clipped out of the newspaper & stuck on the wall from back when Old Man Crow & I first started gardening together

  1. deedeemallon says:

    provocative — I love the idea that it’s more important to love an image than to understand it!

  2. margaret johnson says:

    Lucky Ducks!!

  3. Mo I love Michael Leunig too (I think he’s the reason I buy “The Age”. His cartoon is the first thing I look for.
    How lovely to be able to attend his talk. I will look out for his book.

    Jacky xox

  4. blackgeiger says:

    We are Leunig people, too. 🙂

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