Inspiration and India Flint at the AGNSW

Posted: August 15, 2012 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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The alchemical cloth conjuror India Flint gave a terrific talk last night at the Art Gallery of NSW about her eco-dying process. She is brilliant, her knowledge of plants, process, colour and cloth is deep and her enthusiasm contagious. Her mark making is very much influenced by a passionate respect for the environment & resonated with my favourite Australian artist John Wolseley whose work is part of the 18th Biennale of Sydney this year also at the AGNSW.
a detail of John Wolseley’s Murray Sunset Refugia with Ventifacts, 2008–09
more Ventifacts from Mallee Scrub after Fire, 2007–12
John Wolseley “Murray Sunset Refugia with Ventifacts, 2008–09
Artist Statement : “I want to give speech to the distant sand hill country of northern Victoria where, as the climate changes, there are subtle changes in the dynamics of wild fires in their underlying patterns and behaviour. Over several years, I have found ways in which the burnt scrub and my paper collaborate to make drawings … Rather than holding and moving the charcoal over a fixed piece of paper in the conventional way, I have moved the paper against the charcoal – against and within the branches and stems of burnt trees. I then release them, together with other unmarked sheets of paper, to blow free for weeks and months, to rise and fall with the desert winds. When I ‘harvest’ them, their stories are then inscribed with a dark calligraphy.”
This recent interview with Moira Roth is fascinating and some more links  here, here & here

  1. Eliene says:

    You lead me to so many new paths Mo. Tomorrow I am out walking collecting eucalyptus leaves & what ever else may take my fancy & try India Flints so very simple instructions on how to dye wool or silk. I have some nice silk… that should be fun. I never knew it was so easy. Thank you for that but also for including pics of John Wolseleys work which you have shared with me before…it was really wonderful to see more.

  2. Carol says:

    I spent a few days in Sydney, went to the Art Gallery but had to go home Wed afternoon so missed this. Very sad. However, I’ve ordered India’s books from the Book Depository so will really enjoy those. Also love John Wolseley.

  3. Robyn says:

    Lovely photo of India and I do enjoy John Wolseley’s weathered papers.

  4. ronnie says:

    ahhhh you’ve mentioned two of my favourite arty folk in one post mo!

  5. indiana says:

    thank you for the kind words…was delighted to be positioned in front of Imants Tillers work!

  6. velma says:

    lovely pic of india, and wolseley is a new artist for me. thanks!

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