some old lace, another thing with feathers and Opportunity

Posted: August 5, 2012 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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lace & feather curtain by Mo 2009
 another hopeful thing with feathers is brewing
and here’s the start to Opportunity (the link will take you to a recording of the first verse)
this one may well take two moons to draw, it’s gonna be quite dark!

  1. Eliene says:

    WOW…..loving the detail….& I know this one is going to be worth waiting for….!! He is magnificent.

  2. sarah says:

    Amazing picture!!

  3. margaret johnson says:

    Crikey Mo, Opportunity looks awesome. As always, I love Rod’s lyrics and I love Dark. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in your thing with feathers. By the way, I’m a fan of The Time Travellers Wife too. Glad your nose op went well. Marg ox

    Awesome beginning.

  5. That is a beautiful shot of the window and feathered curtain. I love the ‘Bayou-ish’ drawing, you can almost smell that damp wet heat. It fits the lyrics and minor keytones of the music really well.

    So pleased that things went well with the op, hope you are not feeling too battered and bruised.
    Spirited wishes,
    C xxx

  6. Carol says:

    Opportunity is looking stunning! Your drawing is amazing. Love the lace curtain, too.

  7. Mo Crow says:

    thanks Eliene, Sarah, Marg, Michele, Charlotte & Carol for all the encouraging comments!
    this drawing is about our 25 hours in New Orleans back in 1999… a lot happened on the street but it was when we got back to the hotel and I fell into dreamland that things got really strange… thankfully Old Man Crow pulled me out of the dream & I’ve learned a bit spiritwise since then… so there’s a lot going into this one!

  8. grace Forrest~Maestas says:

    if it was New Orleans, then Opportunity is an alligator…and i had a quick flash of him
    superimposed under the lace curtain

    • Mo Crow says:

      He’s a shapeshifter for sure, an alligator, part Dice Man & maybe even Papa Legbas at the crossroads with that beguiling smile! I had a plastic pool toy alligator that I could ride when I was a kid called Gus & there’s a bottle of genuine Crocodile Tears on the shelf there in the House of Chance that I remember seeing at our next door neighbour’s house in Tulsa when I was 6… this one is loaded but mostly in good fun…

  9. Valerianna says:

    Cool… drawing takes on a new life now that my parents live with alligators. I love the lace/feather curtain, great!

  10. Nancy says:

    You do brew, don’t cha?!!! Been going back through many posts and love what I’ve seen. It’s a bonus to recognize some of the materials as those of friendship 🙂

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