the kitten in the mirror

Posted: July 28, 2012 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time
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Ariel meets the kitten in the mirror
(in early 2000 when he was 4 months old)
“Mine all Mine” by Mo Orkiszewski 2000
illustration for The Abyssinian Breeder magazine for an article about cats spraying

  1. Eliene says:

    Ohhh, he is a cool cat. You have portrayed him beautifully Mo.

  2. a-ha-ha! Delicious.

  3. deanna7trees says:

    great transformation.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks Deanna drawing cats was a challenge for me & the early sketches were very clumsy, this one was the first that “worked” when I realized they are truly shapeshifters!

  4. Valerianna says:

    Good images! Love the kitty in the mirror… ^:^

  5. margaret johnson says:

    Hey Mo, you are a WHIZZ, kid! ox

  6. dinahmow says:

    Shape-shifters!Yes! And when they are black…so difficult. I now cheat, and work from photos.(with rather a lot of erasing 😉 )

  7. Carol says:

    Beautiful, Mo! Ariel is such a handsome fellow.

  8. I love your clever illustration of the cat spraying- too funny! the photo of your cat and the mirror is charming.

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