Rock, Stitching Stones and 1000 Artists Books

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, magic
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“You Rock” a letterpress tag by Rhonda Ayliffe
To celebrate the 400th post on her art blog Ronnie made these letterpress tags as a give away so I asked if I could have one to help celebrate Old Man Crow’s 65th birthday next month it’s the perfect card for a muso! (He’s getting spoiled this year, a Glen Skein’s Mytho-Poetic Crow arrived last week) Ronnie is such an inspiring artist she has opened her Sam’s Creek Bookworks & I hope to visit one day soon.
here’s 4 barely stitched stones I sent to Jude Hill for her Magic Feather Project made with printmakers mull, cheese cloth, coffee grounds and raw cotton inspired by Deanna7Trees of Eclectic Meanderings wonderful stitched meditations here & here
I love watching all the cloth conjurors in Jude’s circle working their magic!
The other good news is An illuminated Book of Cats is in the soon to be released 1000 Artists Books

  1. hey, you know when i saw the stones posted this a.m. on jude page i thought of deanna. they are really beautiful and so much with your personality. well done with admiration. ani

  2. deanna7trees says:

    love your stones. thanks for linking to me. and how wonderful that you will be in 1000 artist’s books.

  3. Carol says:

    Congratulations on your entry in 1000 Artists Books. I must order it. Your stones are lovely, so very subtle. And I just had a look at Glen’s crow – wonderfully mysterious!

  4. spiritcloth says:

    oh, you are in this too! cool.
    i can’t believe how small you can write.
    your stones are just amazing.

    • Mo Crow says:

      there’s a sort of rough raw spiderweb-ish barely there hope of an idea that I keep having a go with that I catch a glimpse of every so often just out the corner of my eye… but for now it’s time to get onto the next drawing!

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