Geolog Pod Forms II by Bronwyn Berman artist talk for Sculpture at Scenic World

Posted: February 18, 2012 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Geolog Pod Forms II by Bronwyn BermanGeolog Pod Forms II by Bronwyn Berman
woven copper and river stones
Bronwyn gave her artist talk deep in the rainforest valley at the inaugural Sculpture at Scenic World exhibition. Her pods nestle comfortably on the forest floor, a still life in the landscape, the ancient stones hold tales of ancient geology and elemental dreaming of new life.
You can see her work & more being set up in this youtube clip
The setting is spectacular
Jurassic Valley Scenic World MKatoombathe view from the valley floor
boardwalk in the Jurassic Valley Scenic World Katoombathe boardwalk has been built to accommodate & protect the rainforest
The Three SistersThe sun came out for a classic view of The Three Sisters, many legends have been told about this area, here’s a link to the traditional owners website to learn more about Gundungurra Country
view of Echo Point from the top of the Giant Stairwaymore pictures from the exhibition
BlueM by Julieanne Smallwood and Judy PaddisonBlueM by Julieanne Smallwood and Judy Paddison
1500 pieces of fired clay
Homeland - Miners Huts by Kayo YokoyamaHomeland – Miners Huts by Kayo Yokoyama
154 glass houses with a miniature miner for each home
Sea Pod by Stephen ShortSea Pod by Stephen Short
Vivaldi's Spring Springs to Mind IIVivaldi’s Spring Springs to Mind II by Ludwig Mlcek
A Sculptors Portrait by Harrie FasherA Sculptors Portrait by Harrie Fasher
Hunger by Henryk TopolnickiHunger by Henryk Topolnicki

It was a magic day to quote from Peter S Beagle’s short story “The Rock in the Park”
(“Sleight of Hand” Tachyon Publications 2011)

“… the artist isn’t the magic. The artist is the sight, the artist is someone who knows magic when he sees it. The magic doesn’t care whether it’s seen or not – that’s the artist’s business.

And magic’s not an all-the-time thing, you’re never entitled to magic – not ever, no matter how good you are. Best you can do – all you can do – is make sure you’re ready when it happens. If.”

  1. stickyfingers/eva says:

    wow, thanks for sharing this – the sculpture is great! how lucky you are to have visited

    and i loved the shot of the three sisters, i never got to see them the day i visited … it was foggy! but i comforted myself with a fantastic jug of hot chocolate in katoomba, the best ever! and it was 25 years ago

    • Mo Crow says:

      That’s so cool that you’ve been there & BTW I love the stitched artwork you’re doing Eva!
      especially the mixed media work for the Talking Textiles 2010 slideshow you have at the bottom of your page!

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