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Posted: July 3, 2011 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Old Man Crow has been writing songs all his life so I am starting this illustrative journey with his earliest songs
here’s a new link for Fly Away

Fly Away in process

“Fly Away” in process by Mo Crow © 2011

the next is A Life of Crime

A Life of Crime

“A Life of Crime” in process by Mo Crow © 2011

The drawings are made on big sheets of Arches watercolour paper rendered in pen & ink, graphite, white gouache with the occasional surgically cut out crow. Each drawing will be scanned into the computer where I will add the text in preparation for printing but that’s a long way down the line as there is currently 34 songs I want to illustrate with more in the pipeline !

  1. jude says:

    nice to see you started a blog, lovely drawings….

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Jude,
      thanks for looking, your Spirit Cloth blog is the inspiration!
      NB anyone who is not familiar with Jude’s work just click on her name above and have a look!

  2. Mo Crow says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words Eva!

  3. Nancy says:

    You are so talented! Wow…interesting and beautiful…those crows pull you in to find out what they are up to!
    BTW – you could sure do a study in crows in my backyard…I’ve got TONS of the loud black birds! 🙂

    • Mo Crow says:

      ta for the good words Nancy,
      here’s a favourite crow quote-
      “Crows are the most ubiquitous of birds, yet, without being in the least exotic, they manage to remain mysterious”
      from “Crow” by Boria Sax

  4. Meg THompson says:

    Love your drawings,also still loving Rod’s song Fly away after all these years,a favourite of mine.
    Hope all is well with you three.We just lost Mishka to old age last week,very sad she ‘s probably lived with us longer than any of the kids. She was a good and loyal friend,the other two cats seem a bit lost,especially the siamese,such a sensitive soul. Love Meg

  5. Marianne van der Veen says:

    Mo, this is beautifull, magic hands you have girl. the music gives me goose bumps.

    with love, Marianne from Holland

  6. Marianne van der Veen says:

    Dear Mo, you are inspiring also in Holland. a dear friend of mine, who’s an artist too, loves your paintings.
    I saw Judes blog. (thanks for the invitation). her work is beautifull; warm and telling. i am a nitter with fabric myself so i can understand her telling words in the fabric. only shes going just further with her words 🙂

    Your both great artists.

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